Fiberglass Batt Insulation


Fiberglass Batts or Rolls are one of the oldest forms of building insulation. The fiberglass material can be cut to fit into any framed wall or ceiling cavity. Installation requires no special tools or machinery and there are no chemicals to mix. It is ready to install right off the shelf. This makes fiberglass a cost-effective insulation option. The batts are available in multiple thicknesses or R-values that are conducive to all building areas. Current fiberglass insulation is available in recycled or formaldehyde-free formulas. Fiberglass does not have the sealing abilities of spray foams, so it is recommended that it be installed with expandable latex foam caulk or sealant to fill framing creases and penetrations. All insulation forms are only as effective as the quality of the installation. When installed correctly, fiberglass batts are a very efficient insulation method.

Not only does glass mineral wool insulation contribute to cleaner air, it is an inherently "green" product in terms of assessing its environmental impact over its lifetime. Manufactured with recycled and renewable resources, every pound of insulation ultimately saves twelve times more energy than it takes to produce it. So along with greater energy savings, insulation delivers a measurable impact on our environment, reducing the amount of energy consumption and pollution.